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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 8, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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snow on wednesday morning. it appears there will be a coastal area of low pressure and that coastal looks particularly strong in the most recent guidance. that part of the storm may really increase the wind an dump heavier snow for us on wednesday. we will give you snow totals coming up, but in parts of the area it will be over a foot of snow. and dc may be sort of just on the southern edge of what we think will be that heavy snow potential all the way up to philadelphia. gary is standing by with radar. gary, we don't like what we are seeing today. >> not at all. any other situation this would be an extreme snow event for dc but putting this on top of what 20, 30-inches we had not long ago this could be a problem in a hurry. let me show you this. the way it is looking right now on true view, unlike the last couple of storms, where we could look to the west and see pretty much the storm in its entirety, this is just the first piece of the storm.
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there's already a lot of snow back out there from missouri cong in to illinois. and another piece of this is -- look at all the thunderstorms breaking out in to texas and right up in to arkansas. so, again, this is piece number one of this particular storm system. and it will move through and as it comes through tomorrow and tomorrow evening it will bring us the first batch of snow. then, as sue mentioned, something we don't know yet, and it is kind oa question mark in the forecast, is we will have a rapidly-developing coastal storm that will bece a very, very potent nor'easter. it will develop off of north carolina tomorrow night and come right up off shore of us. if it stays close much to our shore tomorrow evening we will get the brunt of the storm and then it will race up i-95 and it will drop a foot to two feet of snow from the dc area all the way up to parts of new york and maybe as far as new
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england. this is a little bit different from what we have been dealing with. in the forecast we will show you what we think in terms of snowfall totals. so we are not leaving in the dark here we may have a possibility of eight to 12 inches of snow or ore in the dc metro area. looks like it will be a big storm. the latest in the aftermath of the blizzard of 2010. all right tonht we know several of our biggest systems are closing for tomorrow. the federal government has not made an announce yet but keep an eye on the closings at the top of the screen for the latest information. we have comprehensive team coverage as the dc region begins a mammoth task of digging out and preparing for round two. reporters are making the rounds across the area from the roads in the neighborhoods to the rails and the airport and we will begin with the latest on those power outages.
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sherri li is in bethesda. >> repair crews are busy fixing the lines here at river and ogden road. when they got here, they discovered the line had actually burned a hole through the metal fence and that the line was split in two places. just goes to show you the difficulty they are facing restoring power. now, here are the outage numbers as of right now. pepco has almost 27,000 people still without power. dominion virginia has almost 5,000 and for bg and e it is 1600 without power and it could be days before some of these people get their power restored. so it looks like it may be another cold night for people out there. >> i got another one. >> restoring power is a critical job. people with no heat for days now. wendy can't leave her pets. upstairs in the house the temperature is in the 30s.
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they have one fireplace to stay warm and cook. >> i cook omelets in this little frying pan yesterday morning. i found out if i get it sizzling hot just for a minute and then i take it outside here, put the egg in. >> reporter: the bethesda neighborhood on cindy lane has been without power since friday night, except for a few hours when it came on, and then a transformer blew. >> we knew we were going to be without for a while. the only sinking feeling was this morning. we called pepco and asked the estimated time of return, 6:00 p.m. on friday. >> reporter: convoys rolled down the street. pepco linemen are working 16 hour shift and near impossible conditions. crews have to dig out to get their trucks in and trudge through the snow to reach down line. >> we pretty much know it what we will encounter. it is difficult getting there an doing what we need to do in an hour takes five hours. >> reporter: estimates are no sure thing. >> there may be worse damage than you thought and you need
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additional help to bring in. no way to have a certainty as when we will have someone back on. it is very difficult to do. >> crews remove a fallen street from the power line, giving them hope it won't be long. at the petty house, wendy admits her cello playing is getting aring old. >> playing show tunes, hymns, patriotic songs, a little beetles. >> and of course everyone is looking at that storm now on tuesday. that is the big concern for a lot of people. if we got another ten or 20 inches, a lot of those people without could see delays in getting their power restored. it would exacerbate the problem for the crews out there trying to make repairs. all of those trees that are heavy with snow rite now could topple down on to lines aga. and knock out power to thousands more. live in bethesda, fox 5 news. back to you. >> i know your power was out. we had families shacking with us the past couple of days.
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it is frustrating but you have to grin and bear it. back to you. >> fire and ems crews could not get past a pepco truck that was there cutting down trees. two firefighters got off their truck, jumped in the pepco suv as you can see there, drove to the house they were trying to reach. pepco workers rushed to get the other truck out of the way to allow that fire truck to get by. montgomery county drivers are frustrated tonight but not becse of snow on side a roads but because many main routs are a big mess. we have live team coverage on more on the challenges of clearing the roads. >> reporter: if honking is any indication of how angry people are getting on montgomery county roads, river road is a good place. because they are honking like crazy. they are reduced to one lane here in the bethesda area because of the slush. it is all over the place. now, river road, like wisconsin avenue and the major highways through montgomery county is run by maryland highways, not the county.
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so we talked to them and they said here's what happened. unlike the december snow, which was light light and fluffy, this stuff is wet and heavy. and more importantly it has been compacted by the cars themselves. is the cars made it hard as a rock and what they normally use is salt and plow trucks. they can't do that anymore. obviously it is not doing anything. so they are moving to maziness yum chloride. the same stuff they use on 95. they will do as much as they can today but they say this is as good as it will get probably all week because startin tomorrow it's going to snow some more. in bethesda, fox 5 news. in arlington county, officials there are asking for patience as their work crews are still at it trying to clear the snow off the main roads there and off the side streets. tom fitzgerald is in shirlington tonight with more. >> reporter: good evening. you know, they have been hard at work here in arlington in the shirlington district in
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particular. take a look at this. this has been going on here for probably the last hour. we have been set up trying to get ahold of somebody from the arlington county department of roads to talk about what they have been doing and they have been doing a lot. dozens of trucks on the road and it is not going to get done anytime soon but they say they have learn lessons from the storm in december. for instance, 32 spotters on the streets tonight, reporting in on exactly what has been going on. tim has lived on 25th street in south arlington for his entire life. >> it would be nice if there would be some more salt trucks, but, that's probably not going to happen. >> reporter: that list actually a map is located here. arlington county's snow war room in shirlington. >> this is a typical map for the regular type of thing that we do. >> reporter: manager says the map divides arlington in to eight different districts. the main roads in red and blue
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are first and everything else is next. >> okay. has it been plowed at all? >> arlington residents have been calling in reports on roads that have not been plowed but officials say their efforts have been slowed by the ice that is now forming in the snow. >> we can't take the big bites of it that we need to. we are doing little bits at a time, like cutting grass. a half plow blade worth and widen out the streets. >> reporter: chris zimmerman admits the snow is a bug buster but right now they are concentrating on getting it plowed. >> big snow as a big impact on an area like this. >> reporter: and the big request from arlington county to residents, patience as work crews continue to work around the clock. >> we have about 70 pieces of equipment for the county and we have 6 # 900 lane miles of street to deal with. that will take time with something like this. >> reporter: so just gives you a handle on how much work has
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been done. how much is left. and with the storm coming in, they are telling us the salt supplies have been depleting rapidly in arlington county. tonight they are taking some dump trucks which had been trucking snow to different locations and they are senting them to the port of baltimore this evening to get another shipment of salt for what they expect will be another heavy round of snow clearing the next couple of days. >> here we go again. thank you very much. you can blame large amounts of ice for keeping metro underground and even the underground service is spotty in places. the transit agency says it may expand above-ground service for rush hour, which would be good news. paul wagner is live with more on met tremendous' recovery plan. paul? >> reporter: it would be good news and metro says they will decide by 6:00 or 7 tonight whether or not to offer that above-ground service. the problem has been removing all of the snow from the rail yards, parking lots and above-
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ground stations. the other problem is de-icing the third rail, which is critical. so far it's been a challenge. the hopeful few that showed up at the bethesda station were greeted by locked gates and empty platforms. the lots look clear but the third rail was covered in snow. >> i was hoping it would be open at point but i guess it was shortsighted. >> reporter: seth was anoth hopeful rider who showed up at the station, determined somehow to get to rockville. >> got to take the bus and it is not running very much today. it is messing up a little bit. >> reporter: riders said they were willing to cut metro a break seeing how think the weekend snowfall was a break. >> give them a break today but tomorrow i hope things are running. >> i was prepared to have a half hour schedule so brought my magazine and read it and i got off and i'm going home. bus service was a different
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story entirely. nebuleses running along connecticut avenue. it depended on the shape of the roads and the condition of the bus stops. could riders against get off and on safely. >> i took it down wisconsin and since the street has cleared up they were kind of zipping along and very considerate in that they would stop where they could see we got to the sidewalk versus stopping at the bus stop where we couldn't. reporter: metro says another challenge in be-- beginning above ground service is getting the snow thawier not able to store inside the tunnels. a lot of work for a region not used to having snow falls like this. >> in the last hour you could feel the temperature drop, the wind picked up and the sun is going down. it is very cold here. the streets are going to freeze and metro says they will pull their buses off the street by 7:00 tonight. they will not run all night long. >> frustrating for those folks trying to get around but what can you do? >> amtrak's high-speed acela
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service between washington and boston is operating on a full schedule. those northeast regional trains are running but there are cancellations. amtrak is finalizing the service plans for tomorrow. make sure you check before you head out. we are getting word to the fox 5 newsroom that dc public schools will be closed tomorrow. again, dc public schools will be close for clases tomorrow. a power plant explodes leaving employees trapped inside. what went wrong? and toyota's troubles are far from over. tonight word of another possible recall. what is being done to fix the problem with the prius. that's still ahead. as we go to break tonight, we invite you to share some of your favorite weather photos with us. like this one. head to to upload pictures from the blizzard of 2010. we want to send out a thanks for kid play for the kids playing out in the snow 
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the move signals the shift for the president's approach to his health care reform. nicole collins has the story. >> reporter: since the the bait over health care reform took shape in congress, republicans complain they have been left out of negotiations. >> democrats definition of bipartisanship is to unveil their own partisan bill and expect republicans to vote for it. >> reporter: president obama is trying a new approach, inviting republicans to a televised meeting at the white house later this month to get gop ideas for health care reform. over the weekend, the president vowed not to give up on the issue. >> another walk away -- i'm not going to walk away from the american people. i'm not going walk away from this challenge. i'm not going to walk away from any challenge. we're moving forward. >> reporter: moving forward may require more republican input. the president's olive branch is less than three weeks after democrats lost their jet vote in the u.s. senate.
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making the bipartisan bill necessary but at least one house democrat is skeptical. >> it isn't republican or democrat, it is for profit or not for profit health care. and until we confront that central reality it will be difficult to have any kind of bill, no matter who you get in the room. >> reporter: republican leaders, u however, say they appreciate the opportunity but in order to get biartisan reform the current health care bills will have to be scrapped. white house officials won't discuss the goal of the health care talks or what if any effect it will have on a final piece of legislation. nicole collins, fox 5 news. a lot more snow to talk about. whether you like it or not. >> that's right. but we want to get through tonight first. gary, we were hearing the temperatures are dropping out there. >> without a shadow of a doubt. when the sun sets tonight those temperatures will drop in the 20s and of course the snow on the ground, as we have talked about before, effects as a big refrigerate and lets the
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temperatures come down and by 11:00 or 12:00 to be tonight will be in the low 20s and teens and overnight tonight we may get to the single digits. the clouds will com overhead overnight an help to stabilize those lows or bring them up a little bit. so cold tonight. well below freezerring for everybody. the shawing refreezes. black ice issues. you know the grill by now. go to our max hd radar system and show you what we have watching. the next snow system is coming in our direction. it is going to come in two pieces, as we were talking about before. the snow is flying for arkansas in to minnesota and then the thunderstorms with this from arkansas all the way down to south texas. so another storm with a very large footprint. over at true view, we will show you this in the satellite picture and it won't be long before these clouds really begin to stream in overhead tonight. and we are going to end up
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going mostly cloudy overnight tonight before it is said and done. once the clouds come in overhead that will help to stabilize the temperatures a little bit. looks like the snow tomorrow starts to come in very, very light and it will be one, 2:00, early in the afternoon. a little earlier to the west. doesn't look like this one is going to it us hard and fast, like the last one does. we could already see accumulation i would expect by tomorrow, 400, 5:00, 6:00, something like that across the roads. winter storm warning is in place from noon through the day on wednesday. temperatures out there right now in the lower 30s for just about everybody. give it another 40 minutes or so and the temperatures will be below freezing across the area. here's the forecast for this evening. fair skies. 79 and 11. temperatures in the upper 20s at 7:00. lower 20s at 11:00 in town but out in the suburbs by 11:00 temperatures will already been down in the teens. coming up in the complete
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forecast, we will show you snowfall totals or projected snowfall totals and more of when we think this will move in and how long it will stick around. i'm hoping we don't get the forecast right, laura. >> i'm hoping so, too. but so far you guys have been pretty spot on. we'll see you in a bit. one step closer to this case being closed. the michael jackson death investigation is heading to court. who's facing charges tonight. and what went wrong? a power plant explodes leaving employees trapped under the rubble. the latest on the investigation is next. melanie? weary air travelers can't wait to finally get home, but i'll show you why some wish they had stayed gone a little longer. 
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more than 7 months after the death of michael jackson charges are filed in the case. dr. murray pled not guilty to
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involuntary murder. he admitted to giving the singer the powerful anesthetic and two other sedatives he faces up to two years in prison if convicted. search and rescue crews believe they have found all of the victims involved in the power plant explosion in connecticut. five people are dead, 25 hurt. the rest of the workers have been accounted for. they had been on site to get the plant open for later this year, and crews were purchasing a gas line of air when it exploded. the cause of the blast is under investigation but it was strong enough to rattle homes miles away. we have another consumer alert for toyota owners tonight. a report out of japan claims the company will recall 300,000 prius hybrids out of concern with another brake problem. we have the details on this latest possible toyota recall. >> reporter: fresh off of a global recall, toyota preps for another fix, one that could put an additional 300,000 cars back in the shop.
5:26 pm
this time around, a faulty brake system on the popular 2010 prius model is to blame. more than 100 complaints have been filed with the national highway traffic safety administration relating to a loss of braking power while driving at low speeds or on bumpy roads. while no official announcement has been made by toyota, the recall is expected to be global. cars old in the u.s., japan and europe will all need to be brought in to dealers already swamped from the original 8 million vehicle recall. the news comes on a day when toyota's north american factories come on-line after shut for two weeks. definitive word on the recall is expected within 48 hours. just in time for wednesday's scheduled hearing on captiol hill where regulators and company officials will hash out toyota's next move. in new york. >> no matter where y live it seems the plows can't get through quickly enough. another check on the road patrol coming up.
5:27 pm
and plus, flights are finally getting off the ground. we have more on what you need to know before you try to fly. the wake of thesnow is proving too tough for house. how crews answer emergency calls coming up. another my weather photo. you can upload your favorite pictures of the blizzard of 2010 by heading to we'd love to see them and show them to everyone. we'll be right back. ( music playing ) if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america,
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well, the snow crippled air travel out of our area for the weekend. flights are just getting started out of the area today. >> crews have been working nonstop to get dulles and reagan national moving again. melanie alnwick is live at reagan national tonight. what's the situation right there now? >> i would say things are
5:31 pm
slowly moving but certainly not back to normal by any means. national airport opened at 10:00 this morning. it is still operate, however, on a limited basis. there are ma, many flight cancellations and delays. passengers should also expect a ripple affect, not just from last weekend but througthe rest of the week. dulles has two runways open and should be opening a third soon. airlines, we're told, are working furiously to try to play catchup and get as many passengers in and out as they can before the next storm comes. we also found today some people who landed here discovered they had a lot more work ahead of them. flights started to move at reagan national airport shortly after 10:00 a.m. on monday. crews had to truck snow off the runways, rather than push it aside, turning back lots in to vast mountains of ice. so passengers could finally get home. >> i have been all over the place, trying to get home. >> reporter: landing may have felt sweet at first, but there's a little surprise in
5:32 pm
store. so, imagine you have been away for the week, somewhere warm. and you park in the economy lot to save a little money. take a look. you are definitely paying for it now. larry johnson arrivedded from a conference in hawaii. no hat, no gloves and no snow shovel. >> mess. a mess. >> reporter: we lent him ours to start to dig out. there were a few work crews lending a hand but a lot more needed help. >> they came by with bobcats to take out the heavy stuff and finishing up and waiting for my wife to bring the key i forgot at home. >> reporter: cord's wife was home with the kid and no power it may be his last golf trip for a while. this crew just returned from the super bowl. >> it was great. went to the game. had a great time. to come back to this. >> reporter: but they brought home with them the spirit of great team work [ applause ]
5:33 pm
and now, of course, we have all learned some lessons from the massive snowstorm. the one thing i picked up today is if i ever take an airline trip again during the winter i'm going to leave a snow shovel in the trunk of the car. what's the game plan for the week coming up? metropolitan washington airport authority said at dulles and national the first priority is giving crews a rest because they have been working continuous shifts off and on. and they will be doing that and doing detail work on the snow piles. because they have to make room for the rest of the snow that is coming. they have to find a place o put that and trying to catch up on maintenance and the equipment to make sure their entire snow removal arsenal is ready to go by the time the next storm comes. >> which isn't too long from now. hopefully they get a good sleep this evening. thank you very much. tveling on the roads is still very dicey in many areas. sky fox shot the video here in bethesda. the main routes are not
5:34 pm
completely clear either. crews were working to open the lanes of i-270. crews are hard at work in virginia. clearing snow-covered roads there. this is the van doren salt dome where they loaded up for a refill before heading out and the crews have too dump the snow somewhere. these trucks put huge amount of snow under the wilson bridge. another problem still lingering from the blizzard of 2010, thousands of people are pout power facing another night without heat. repair crews are working an the clock but admit it could be days before some customers ' power is restored and that's a long wait for families facing another night in in the frigid cold. >> the last 30 minutes, pepco restored power to 5,000 customers dropping the number of outages to 22,000. dominion rginia is dow 4500 customers without power and bge has 1500 outages in maryland. >> another issue with all of
5:35 pm
the snow, the weight of the snow. too much for one fire house in fairfax county. the flat roof buckled. part of it collapsed. but firefighters are not letting that stop them from working. sarah simmons has more from falls church. >> reporter: some fairfax county firefighters found themselves in an emergency of their own, a partiaroof collapse at station ten prompted inspections at several stations throughout the entire county. it was 3:15 on monday morning. 18 firefighters at station 10, here hear a loud noise and find the roof over their rig has collapsed, trapping their equipment inside. the weight of this massive snowstorm, too much for the flat roof to bear. none of the firefighters were injure, but the department had to shuffle its resources. >> we do have an engine and medic unit here now. the reserve pieces that are going to work out of this parking lot, especially and we have a rehab unit here where
5:36 pm
they can keep warm but they will run calls with an engine and ambulance from the parking lot here until further notice. >> reporter: the backup equipment came from station 8, a few miles dowcolumbia pike after the first roof collapsed, inspectors started to look at the roofs of all of their stations including station 8. that's where they discovered another roof getting ready to buckle. >> the sprinkler heads that should be flush with the ceil having pushed through. they have noticed some differences in those components, enough to where the structural engineer found places in there that shouldn't be in the condition they are in right now. and that's why we have gone ahead and condemned the building. >> reporter: that forced another evacuation. again, no one was injured. firefighters are encouraging people to keep an eye out for any changes in roofs of homes and businesses, and if you can do so safely, they are encouraging you to remove as much snow from the roof as possible. in fairfax county, sarah simmons, fox 5 news.
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>> we have new insight in to the fight against autism. could a mother's age contribute to her child's risk? we are breaking down the latest data coming in. and we haven't even dug out of last weekend's storm. tonight, more winter weather is heading our way. >> can you believe it? talk about a snowpocalypse. a winter storm warning has been issued. we will outline what we know so far coming in the full forecast. stay tuned. dreams are amazing things.
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a health alert about autism. a study finds older women have a significantly higher risk of autism regardless of the father's age. researchers say the risk of having a child with autism increased by 18% for every five year increase in a mother's name. for example a 40-year-old
5:41 pm
woman's risk was 50% greater than a woman between the ages of 25 and 29. researchers in canada claim marijuana does not help ward off or reverse the affects of alzheimer's disease like past studies have claimed. a study tested the drug on mice carrying human genetic mutations that caused alzheimer's. researchers did not find a benefit. the saints are super bowl heros we will take you to new orleans' biggest bash ahead. and we'd like to thank one of our viewers for uploading this adorable picture of your beagle snow boarding after the snow. we invite you to send your pictures, too. go to to update your favorite images of the blizzard of 2010. we'll be right back. om. aicaom
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[ female announcer ] pillsbury grands! biscuits, so warm and fluffy. make the most out of the most important meal of the day. ♪ made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur. on side streets this driver learn firsthand how tough it is to get around.
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carefully made a turn on a road in bethesda to get stuck in a big mound of snow. holly morris found it is not all bad in the blizzard of 2010. >> you are looking at connecticut avenue in bethesda. as you can see you can see the pavement and the traffic going by and that's the ca today in terms of the main roadways. everything looks pretty good but you don't have to get too far to see there's a lot of work to do in the residential areas. you can see the tree has been -- this street has been plowed but there is a layer of snow that is slick and icy and this is why a lot of the road crews, which are still working around the clock and power crews are having a hard time getting everything done they need to. it is a testament to the magnitude of the storm that we had. in fact, pepco is even saying they might not be able to get all of the power restored in montgomery county until friday. nonetheless, there are some people that are still having fun here in the aftermath of
5:46 pm
blizzard of 2010. like little miss lauren. look at that. that's a pretty nice snow fort. you have to have a good 30 inches in order to be able to build a fort like that. this is lauren's mom allison. she's here outside. so you ventured outside today. >> for a little bit. >> what did you think when we got out here? >> we were shocked. we couldn't believe it. we thought we'd do sleddinbut it is too deep for sledding. >> how did the storm go for you guys? glen with have a newborn inside and we hired a guy off craigslist to drive us to the hyat and my husband stayed home with the cats. the husband is okay except for a sore back. how long did it take for the power to get on. >> ten hours. >> some time for sure. what's your plan? how have you been passing the time. >> tv, ipod, board games. ready for school to start, though. >> i don't think that is happening, not in the next few
5:47 pm
days. and so when you heard we might get five to ten inches tomorrow. >> shock, disappointed. we have family coming in town and i don't think they will make it. we are hoping they can make it and keeping our fingers crossed. >> we will keep our fingers crossed with you because we too are hoping that neighbor the next storm won't materialize. nonetheless, i think you are getting -- oh, wait, i have a great idea. i'm giving this to you because i'm going in the snow fort. holly morris in bethesda. >> holly had fun early this morning and clearly that was before we got the latest information on how much snow we are getting. >> i hope it is only five to ten. >> when was the last time we were wishing only five to ten inches to come around. the most revealing part of the story is they hired someone off of craigslist to give them a lied. >> when you are desperate, you are innovative. >> trust me and i don't know know this guy but i am going to
5:48 pm
give a shoutout to a guy named kyle that did bobcatting of my driveway. when i shoveled my sidewalk yesterday, i was thinkg, i would have paid that man as much as he wanted to do the rest. >> kyle, go back tomorrow. there's a lot of good samaritan i have to say. >> grant it, we paid him but i would have paid him gladly double to get rid of that. >> there you go, kyle, come back tomorrow. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. there is always a fun element to a snowstorm. kids are resilient. they don't seem if notice the fact it is 20, 30 inches of snow and tough to get around and all of that. yes, this is not a rumor. we are expecting more. the winter storm warning has been issued from basically the areas of the metro to he north of us. that's always a great shot, though. look at all the pink here. it is a winter storm warning including the dc area down to prince william, fairfax county, and charles county and south of that is a winter watch. notice the winter storm warning
5:49 pm
goes back the west. temperature is at 33 degrees in this i city. 28 gaithers before. give it another hour or so and everybody should be below freezing. watch for the slippery conditions and the black ice tonight. we have had gorgeous sunny skies today. a little sunshine goes a long way but it will be a lot of refreezing overnight tonight. the next storm, what i want you to see, this is the storm that is coming in our direction. this is the guaranteed snow we will get. this is the firt piece. we had a little data interrupt earlier today. sorry about that. there is thunderstorm activity coming from arkansas. as it crosses in to the told air it becomes very heavy snow. we will watch that transitional line as it gets in our direction for tomorrow because that's where we could have a burst or two of heavy snow and that's with the first piece. here's max hd future cas. this is tomorrow evening at 6:00. the snow is underway for everybody. we think it starts to come in to the metro area tomorrow by
5:50 pm
1:00 or 2:00. if you are out to the west, it could be a little bit earlier. but by 6:00, everybody is firmly in the snow. by 6:00 or 7, we are talking about moderate snow. and look at how far this transitional line, where it goes over to a mix is. almost down to richmond. by eleven tomorrow night, some of that warm air will come up. we may briefly, and i mean briefly, just get in to a little mix here in dc. parts south and east will be tempered with their accumulations because of that mixture. but again, this is where we watch for the chance of some thunderstorms to ride in the colder air and for tuesday night, in to wednesday morning, we could get some kind of heavy snow here. but look at how much more is to the west. we have by wednesy morning something happening where all of the energy is beginning to transfer from one area of low pressure to a rapidly- strengthening area of low pressure off shore. okay? that second piece of storm with
5:51 pm
the coastal area of low pressure. that's where we have a lot of questions here. but by wednesday morning, future cast has us right in the grips of the heavy snow here. after wednesday morning, we think there's the potential for the winds to kick up. so on wednesday we could have some winds approaching blizzard conditions. we'll have to watch and see how quickly that gets cranked up so to speak. by 8:00 this is coming to an end. here's the first look. and i say first look at snowfall accumulation totals because this could change. we have ten to 16 and that includes dc, and back out to frederick county. and then up i-95 toward philadelphia. south, we are thinking with a little mixture it could only be eight to ten inches and toward richmond, six to eight inches there. that's what it looks like. and listen, this is just some first numbers. i really think this is going to change because of the second piece of the storm system, the coastal area of low pressure.
5:52 pm
we just don't know exactly what it will do yet. come back tonight at 10:00, 11:00 tonight and we will have to adjust those a little bit but we are thinking we will be on the southern end of the bulls eye of the heaviest snow and the bulls eye will transition up 95. it is a serious storm. really is. >> thank you, gary. our coverage of the blizzard would not have been the same without your help. in fact you became part of the fox 5 news team sending e- mails, picturesnd live video and another storm is now heading our way and again, we are asking for your help. brian bolter is live in the weather center to show how you can join the team. you are actually in the web center, aren't you? >> yeah. during the blizzard this weekend we managed to forge an amazi relationship with viewers who are sending us thrive web stream, via their phone or web camera and we have taken those ur ls from say,
5:53 pm
livesstream and you can see snow removal in the area. send in the urls. in the meantime, we have amie weather photo page. if you go under the weather tab and hit weather picks there. look at these beautiful shots you are sending to us with the icicles and birds. great still pictures. you have been able to uload those on your own. we are building my weather video where you can upload your video directly to our website. we haven't had that capability yet. rich is building our page so you can get up and running. go to our page and upload your video and we can share it on with everybody else. one last note, this is twitter. now, during the last storm a lot of things, almost everything was shut down except a perhaps 7-eleven in our area. we set up an open dc hash tag comes through. so use open dc as your hash tag on twitter and people can find what you tell them is open in your neighborhood so they can go out if they need to get
5:54 pm
coffee or supplies or get cabin fever. we have more on the snow coming up at 6:00. a mess in montgomery county. some residents not happy with how their government is handling the roads this time around. and plus, when the streets look like this how are a people supposed to get to work? mayor fenty is facing criticism for making government workers clock in today. we will have those story and the latest on the storm coming up next on the news edge at 6:00. 
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
after waiting for four decades and dealing with one of the most devastating events to take place on american soil, new orleans has something to smile about. >> saints are the super bowl champs. we go to the french quarter where the fans were filling the streets. >> reporter: welcome to the city of new orleans. this is bourbon street, in the
5:58 pm
heart of the french quarter, 24 hours after the super saints won the super bowl. take a look. you can see the cleanup is underway in the french quarter. the city crews arrived as most of the bars were closing last night. speaking of last night, look at this video. pure pandemonium in the streets of bourbon street and those in the french quarter as tens of thousands of new orleans saints fans, many waited 43 years for this game and now the super bowl champs are your new orleans saints. here's what it means to the city. listen here. >> i can't explain. words cannot explain [ cheering ] >> reporter: here's the local newspaper, the headline amen, after 43 years our prayers are answered. a picture of the super bowl mvp drew brees the quarterback of
5:59 pm
the saints. it is mardi gras, by the way and the party is just begning. now, back to you. >> celebrating, yeah. it was a good game. the news is far from over. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news >> tedre snowmageddon. the sequel. another big blast of winter weather is moving across the midwest right now. it will be on top of us by this time tomorrow. as if things aren't miserable enough already. the region is struggling to recover from this weekend's blizzard. how much more snow are we talking in sue palka has the latest. >> for some areas it could be as many as ten inches and more. less to the south, more to the north and east. i'll explain why there's a little bit of a variation in the numbers in a moment but take you out with trueview here. what you are seeing is the snow that will arrive here tomorrow


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